Creativity is a wonderful gift we all have and which can be used to raise awareness about statelessness. Creativity allows us to express ourselves, make beautiful and meaningful things and inspire and challenge others.


Through my travels, I met many creative people – both adults and children, some stateless and some not – who use their talents to create art and stories about statelessness and nationality. In this section, we have collected some of their materials – the beautiful paintings of children in Côte d'Ivoire, funny and sharp images of cartoonists from Nepal and Sri Lanka, powerful images by Bangladeshi and U.S. photographers and short stories and poems that give us lots to think about. Enjoy them and be inspired!


Do you think you could be a writer or painter or photographer? Maybe your talent is in acting or dance. Or maybe you are a computer whizz! Whatever your talent is, use your creativity to raise awareness about statelessness, to inspire others to think about and act on the issue. And don’t forget to send your creation to us. You may just see it on this site!