Now that you have learnt so much about statelessness, it is time to act! You probably now know more about statelessness than most people in the world, making you an expert! ?


There are various ways in which you can use your knowledge, to act on statelessness. You can campaign, act and raise awareness within your own community – to ask people to come together and make a real change to end statelessness or help stateless people! You can act in solidarity with a stateless child (this means, you show them that you care) by writing to them or taking time to answer a question of theirs. You can think more about what statelessness means by reflecting on a photograph and writing your thoughts. You can do activities to test your own knowledge. And of course, you can be creative – but there’s a whole other section on this site about that!


So get out there and get active! And let us know what you’ve done!